KUKU (KouKou) West African Rhythm of the Fishermen

History and origions

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The Beyloa region is not part of the Mandeng, but was settled by the Malinke several centuries ago. The 2 languages are close enough to each other today to be understood by each group. This rhythm was originally reserved for woman who danced when work had ended.


Kuku is a very popular rhythm today and is played at every celebration, most notably the full moon.


Originally didn't have any dunduns and was played only on hand drums, so the dunduns that are played with this rhythm today are largely improvised.


Source: Mamady Keita


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Today, Kuku is a popular rhythm played at all kinds of festivals, including full moon celebrations. Kuku is a women's dance performed in a circle. Originally, Kuku was played when the women came back from fishing. They would take their fishing tools and dance. The rhythm was only played on djembes, and one of the three was low-tuned instead of using dunun.




Oh iya! I te kuku fo n'nye.

Oh iya! I te kuku fo n'nye.

(Oh yeah! Play Kuku for me! )


From Rhythms and Songs from Guinea by Famoudou Konate

Basic Recording 

KUKU Djebe Parts & Dunun Parts on Percussion Studio Software

KUKU videos

Some of my favorite KUKU youtube videos.. there are so many, but ive chosen the video's that represent different aspects of playing djembe.