This is a fantastic opportunity to vote for people with integrity and make a small difference!


I haven't voted in ages, because I believe that voting for either criminal gang is fruitless and I don't want anything to do with the system they have created.. however I think that Michael Tellinger has a good alternative that i am happy to support:


This political party wants to end the South African Reserve Banking system and free the people from all debt slavery:

"Private money created out of thin air by a private banking cartel with private shareholders is no longer welcome in South African society."-- Stephen Goodson and Michael





UBUNTU Party forms a Coalition with People's African Party [by Michael Tellinger]


I have been collaborating with a number of smaller parties to create a coalition which would give us more votes collectively and a realistic chance of getting actual seats in parliament. We need 45,000 votes for one seat. This is now the only way ahead for us. So, the UBUNTU Party will be forming a coalition with the People's African Party (PAP), and a few others. If we are successful in gaining a few seats in parliament, we will rename the party to the UBUNTU Alliance - and promote sound UBUNTU principals on all levels.


PAP's primary candidate and brain is Stephen Goodson, a former director and shareholder of the South African Reserve Bank and an expert on how the banks have been causing havoc amongst the unsuspecting people of South Africa. Our short term philosophy is virtually identical, in that we want to alleviate the economic hardship of the people. The only way to do this is to dismantle the privately owned central bank, the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK, and replace it immediately by a bank that is owned by the people and issues money for the people, by the people. Tax Free and interest free, because it is issued by the people of the country themselves and a government that actually acts as the servant of the people - not a slave master of the people.


This will remove the absolute control over the SA government by the SARB and create immediate abundance for all the people by making everything possible. It will stimulate all areas of human endeavour and create new opportunities we can only dream of - virtually overnight. We believe in the dissolving of all debt created by banks through the devious means of securitisation, freeing the people from a life-long financial prison, following the example of Iceland in 2010. Such debt created by bankers should be carried by those who created the debt - as they did in Iceland. This means that many bankers may face jail-time for the crimes they have committed against the people of South Africa.


We trust that the informed people of South Africa will share their knowledge of these issues with others and use their vote to bring real change - not just hot air and empty promises. This way we undertake to deliver real change now - for the immediate benefit of all the people of South Africa.Then we will move to reclaiming all that has been stolen from the people by a corrupt government in cahoots with multinational corporations. The minerals, the roads, the beaches, the airwaves, the oceans, and so much more that belongs to the people. The awakening of a free nation is imminent. All we have to do is vote for true economic reform. So we will be asking all the UBUNTU supporters to vote for PAP at the voting polls and allow us to form the UBUNTU Alliance after the elections. I hope this all makes sense and that you will share and spread the word widely.


For more information about the UBUNTU Party's manifesto, please go to our website and read the New Freedom Charter.




Michael Tellinger and Stephen Goodson