Hanging out at ECO Resort Zmar near Odemira, Portugal

Zmar is an 5 Star ECO Resort is 8kms outside the town of Odemira in the Alentejo region of portugal.

Its November and the locals tell me that the weather is unseasonably hot and sunny. Great for me and Zenn as we are really enjoying the sunny days and spending time in the pool. Not only that but as we are camping, we really appreaciate the warm weather as i dont know how we would cope with too much cold. The mornings are chilly enough already.

We are hoping to find a new place to visit and leave here tomorrow. During the weekend the place is buzzing with visitors and Zenn has had a chance to make some friends and meet other children which he has loved. The entertainment facilities are very good, especially on weekends when more are open due to the influx of weekend visitors.

Zmar kidz is a facility that looks after the kids during the day while the parents get a rest from the child care duties. I have found this really great, as its given me a chance to catch up on some much needed computer time. Adriane the childcare teacher is lovely and Zenn has really enjoyed his time there.


Entertainment Area

Bike ride


Tent life

The home

Pool sunset

Tent Life


Biggest pool in europe

We love pizza!

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