Pizza Night with Rudi in Marmelete, Algarve

Leaving Rudi and Astrid's farm we headed for another farm managed by a new Rudi. This was Friday night Pizza Evening. Now becoming famous all over this area with travellers, the famous Rudi's Pizza Night draws a mixed crowd every friday night to his farm for eat as much as you like Pizza and performances and dance music outdoors. The place is made possible with teh help of 15-20 wwoofers / volunteers, mainly youngsters travelling through europe and staying at Rudi's for some exoperience on a farm and to be part of the vibe. The farm really reminds me of travelling through Thailand and has the same sense of freedom and young energy, except its much closer.

View of the garden

View of the valley

The valley

Valley and pond

Campervan parking


Duck pond


Lounge Hang Out

Dance floor

Bar area

Volunteer fun

Hanging out

Tyre stairs

View from Aljezur sea side

Beautiful sea side

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