Greenhouse Project

One of the challenges we face as we go thrugh winter is not being able to grow food. So the easiest way to get around that is to build a greenhouse. This is the project I undertook, and the learning journey. This greenhouse will now allow us to extend the growing season and see if we can be a little more self-sustainable throughout the year.

I thought I would make use of a local resource that is available in great quantities for free.

This is the site we have chosen

After cutting the grassland weeds

We tried to make the Cane into a hoop, but soon after this the hoop snapped and even after lots of effort we decided that cane just isn't strong enough..

I found a whole lot of wood abandoned on the side of the road next to the bins - awesome!

Even found some shade cloth

Laying out the plastic

Zenn my handy assistant

After putting up the hoops (plastic water tubing), supported by my old friend the cane (I had nothing else).

Started to put on the plastic

Plastic is all on, now starting to work on the door frame and to strengthen it.

Here is the finished project. Note the shade cloth, as the sun is still too strong even in winter. 100% recycled wood, only a few screws and had to buy the plastic.

Here we start to add the plants and seedlings. Hopefully they will be loving the warmth.

We have now added a 3 tier step system for the plants.

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