Diverting Rainfall Runoff to Save Water and Reduce Erosion

One ofthe main challenges on any property is to use your most valuable resources wisely. In most cases water is your most valuable resource. If you manage this well, you can add a lot of sustainability to your project. Water is life.

On this project I am testing small ditches dug into the road to aid the holding of water in the land in the hope that it will become available to the plants we hope to plant and reduce our dependance on piped water form the municipality.

Another major issue is the rainfall road erosion that is having a major effect on teh viability of the road into the future.

The following pics, document some of the work I have been doing.

The amount of runoff coming off the road is incredible and it's only been drizzling. During a major rain event, the surface can become a river. My small ditches wont be able to divert all the water during a major event, but these events (5 mm) it holds very well.

The water starts to collect asif by magic and makes its way in the direction I planned, saving the road from erosion and helping increase the water retention in the dam.

The water is being diverted off the road with a very shallow diversion ditch, and it will end up flowing into the dam eventually. Although at the moment the land is sucking it up.

This was the start of the ditch, the final version covers the whole road and diverts it all to the dam on the right.

Another area begging for me to help with the erosion.

The small ditch has fantastic results.

Here we are diverting some water from a standing swamp that is gathering below the stairs.

In this picture Ive created a medium diversion for water running down the side fo the road, with enough water volume the diversion will fill up and the water will be led to soak into the hillside and our veggie beds, hopefully reducing out need to irrigate in summer.

Diggin the first ditch.

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