Touring Portugal with our new Motorhome

After leaving Aljezur, we are continuing the quest to find land or an Eco-Village in Portugal. After looking at a few vans that where either too old and rusty or too expensive we came accross a lovely van through our friend Astrid who works for the owner. The van is in very good condition, has everything a family needs to be comfortable on the road and although way above our origional budget, we think we will be able to recoup the investment when we eventually sell.

The van is built on a Fiat Ducato chasis, by a German company called Weinsberg, it only has 80,000 kms on the clock and comes with solar panels, heating, fridge, stove, toilet, dish washer (LOL), seating with belts for 4 people and a range of other luxuries. Its amazing how much you can cram into a small space.

Our first outing in the van was getting used to driving a huge truck like structure, we visited Aljezur town parking lot. Not too bad to park.

Our next stop was Monte Clerigo beach in Aljezur.

We parked temporarily on the land next to our rented cottage.

The view from the motorhome.

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