Touring Portugal 27th Aug, Terra Alta, Sintra

Join Somesh, Shivani and Zenn as we tour Portugal in our Motorhome 'Wolfie' searching for new ways to live and BE in community.

We had the pleasure of being invited to visit Terra Alta by Henrik and Pedro (thanks guys!). They have had a very busy summer with a number of permaculture courses and groups, so weere happy that they had a little more energy for some more visitors.

Terra Alta is a Permaculture Education and Alternative Technologies site situated in the hills outside Sintra. Its a beautiful example of the results that hard work, vision and commitment can achieve.

(above) the gathering fire pit

(above) permaculture gardens

(above) sustainable classroom

(above) Henrik and a newly built lime plaster cob bench

(above) very old water mine

(above) inside the classroom

(above) not sure what the fruit was called, but it was a mixture of cucumber and pear and it was delicious!

(above) Cob building

(above) Bench in the process of completions

(above) love the creative decorations in the walls and the result of the windows

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