Touring Portugal 29th Aug, Ribeira Da Ilha

Join Somesh, Shivani and Zenn as we tour portugal in our Motorhome 'Wolfie' searching for new ways to live and BE in community.

29th August 2015, Central Portugal

This morning the waves were quite tame, and it always surprises me how they can change in a hour or two. By 11am the tide had come in covering up the rocking shoreline, and the waves had increased in strength and intensity to 5-6 footers. I paddled out to the right hand side close to the cliffs, and enjoyed a nice long wave in, before retiring with lack of fitness. Its gonna be a while before I can spend more than 30 minutes paddling through wave after wave, it really is all about fitness.

Ribeira Da Ilha World Surfing Reserve

Above was the calm part of the day. After this the waves picked up, and were reaching at least 10 footers at times. Some great surfing was to be had, and the locals/tourists were having it big!

Every now and then we need to fill up with water, empty the toilet. Luckily we can do it quite easily at various Motorhome service sites scattered around Portugal and Europe.

Tonight the moon is full, the waves crash a few hundred yards from our camping site, the wind is blustery. The lighthouse in the distance shines its light on us and the moon showers us in her light. So special.

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