Touring Portugal 1st Sep, Landeira Community

After a lovely visit with Johannes and Daniela, we headed back on the road. First we needed to find a motorhome services afterwhich a place to park for the night while we planned our forward journey. We found this amazing river and a great place to hang out for the night, even though parking on the side of the road has you getting buzzed every now and then from passing cars. Just so sad that every place we go, we find so my rubbish, even the most beautiful spot can get ruined by unconscious people leaving beer bottles, and other trash. unfortunately the fishermen also love leaving the reminants of their sport lying all around rivers and beaches. Have to remember to carry a bin bag with us whenever you want to take a walk in nature.

(above) Wolfie at the motorhome services

(above) Lovely river view

(above) Parking on the side of the road

(above) River with beautiful rocks

(above) river and the rocks

(above) River and the rocks

(above) Lovely flower

(above) Landeira is a very small village in the mountains of Viseu, we spent a couple days visiting with Yasmine who met met through another friend Diana at Be-In Festival.

(Above) this mountain stream is a raing torrent fo waterfalls in winter.

(Above) Landeira village

(Above) Goats on the mountain path

(Above) Magical fairy land

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