Music Release Pre Save Guide - Everything Your Need To Know

If you are releasing music use a presave link to share your music and grow excitement for the release..

Have you heard about PreSaves?

Have you seen any and wondered how to make a presave for your upcoming music releases..

This guide will help you create your presave and start promoting your new single before its released.. growing excitement!

Some examples of presaves..

Example 1: Moshe Halperin 'Revolution'

Example 2: Ankhara Rose 'Wild Woman'

Example 3: Moshe Halperin 'Feels Like Home'

Here's a simple guide that explains everything you need to know..

Linkfire presave explained

If you need any help.. I'm here to support you..

Connect with me on

To your success!



ps. Lesson 8 in the One Song Away Course runs you through the whole process in easy to follow steps..

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