One Song Away is a coaching program for 'do it' yourself' musicians.

Helping you navigate the world of releasing music online..

  • Including online video courses

  • One on one consultancy

  • Group coaching programs

  • Workshops

"Over the last 2 years I’ve worked with a number of musicians in the Sacred Sound, Kirtan and Medicine Music Genres.. Musicians like Ayla Schafer, Adrian Freedman, Moshe Halperin, Sudha and many others. 

While helping them on various social media projects I was searching for the secrets that make these musicians build amazing tribes. As I work with musicians on how to release music online and create success with their social media I've had the unique privilege of being witness to how many use online social media to further generate more audiences and spread their messages to larger audiences. 

I’ve also had the privilege of working on projects like the Sacred Sound Festival and seen how musicians interact with the online world. I’ve taken my passion for sacred sounds, years of running my own drumming workshop company and over 20 years in setting up, promoting and running music based events. One Song Away is the result of that study. I pray that you can find some nuggets that can be of value to you in your mission to spread the message of your music to a larger audience and grow your tribe. Every day I learn about online music marketing from some of the more mainstream coaches, coaching programs and anywhere else I can find the knowledge and information that will allow me to help you, and the musicians that trust me to help be more successful online."


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